Yoti Anonymous Survey

Surveys can take multiple forms, with questionnaires being the most common. Surveys are a popular tool for businesses, providing an opportunity to collect unbiased data to enhance all business decisions.

Yoti delivers a seamless method for engaging with a wide variety of untraceable clients. Whether you’re an individual conducting simple research, or a business owner looking for feedback on your products, with Yoti you can assure customers that their participation is anonymous upon beginning the survey.

Yoti enables you to specify exactly which attributes you require from a user. This gives anyone using your product full control over what attributes they’re sharing, and who they’re sharing them with.

This demo provides an example of how Yoti can integrate with an online survey. Here we only specify the ‘Over 18’ as a condition for participation. Anyone with access to the survey can share this attribute and be confident that no other details are being shared, remaining truly anonymous.

Give it a go yourself - see it in action below.