Yoti Sign

Most signing platforms allow documents to be signed without even asking for basic authentication.

That didn’t seem right to us. If a document needs to be signed, then it’s important for the document sender and signee to trust in the signing of that document. Both parties need to know that the agreement and the terms of the document are properly agreed upon by the right people.

Think about tenants and landlords signing tenancy agreements. Or employers and employees signing employment contracts.

Yoti Sign is the simplest and safest way to sign documents. Choose the level of authentication you would like from your customers, from one click sign via email, to full biometric authentication, verified by Yoti.

It's a brand new signing platform that offers the convenience of existing e-signing platforms, but the added security of biometric verification. Giving the sender and signer absolute confidence in any signed agreement.

See Yoti Sign below and visit the site at https://www.yotisign.com

FAQs regarding Yoti Sign can be found here