Anonymous Login to Adult content

Adult content providers delivering content into the UK will need to provide an effective age verification solution on their sites prior to individuals getting access to or viewing adult content. This has become Law in the UK, with the enforcement date due to be announced in 2019.

For all of those providers requiring to be compliant, Yoti provides a FREE anonymous age verification solution called ProveMyAge. When you integrate with ProveMyAge you get access to two solutions.

The Yoti 18+ age check via the Yoti app by scanning the Yoti QR code and sharing your 18+ attribute only

Yoti's new age estimation technology which allows a user just to look into the camera and get their age estimated as over a set threshold e.g. 25. No passport, no app, no driving license etc.. is required. Once age is estimated as over or under the threshold the image is deleted and the user gets redirected (or not) to the adult site.

One of the benefits of ProveMyAge is that the users only needs to age verify once in their session. The user will receive an age token on their first visit to a site that is integrated with ProveMyAge and then any other sites visited in the same session that is also integrated with proveMyAge the user will not be required to prove age again. This also works in reverse e.g. If a user has come from a site that is integrated with ProveMyAge and hits your site if you are integrated with ProveMyAge their age token will be recognised and they will go straight into site.

Please see API doc and video demo of solution below.

Using Yoti's 'ProveMyAge' solution will help protect the underaged and prevent fraudulent use of another persons details whilst at the same time allowing visitors to your site from over 170 countries to easily use Yoti to prove they are 18+.

Adult content providers can also use Yoti to register and verify age for webcam models in seconds and also reverify model during live session.

Yoti's 'ProveMyAge' is the easiest most secure way to verify customers are 18+ without sharing any other details.

To help you understand how Yoti could be used in this scenario, have a look at the ProveMyAge website and try the demo on the page.