Yoti Parental Consent

Yoti gives content providers a way of confidently checking the age of people accessing their services.

Children’s access to online games and social media has increased exponentially. As a result, parents and educators are concerned about how access to age inappropriate content might be affecting children’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

What’s worse, we believe current age verification methods are flawed. Most websites merely require a tickbox or simple ‘double email’ confirmation as parental consent. These measures are open to abuse and have led to children accessing age inappropriate content, as well as allowing malicious people to pose as children and groom vulnerable young people online.
Trusted brands working with children and families increasingly recognise the significant reputational and financial risks of not complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Digital receipts are issued to both the person entering the website and the content provider for a full, clear audit trail of parental consent.
Here’s how Yoti parental consent works:

  1. A child wants to register with a website that requires parental consent.
  2. The child enters two email addresses: their own and their parents.
  3. The website or app emails the parent and provides:
    • Details about the website
    • What the child will use it for
    • How a parent can give consent for their child to use the site or app, using Yoti. The parents will sign in with their Full Name and 18+ attribute or Age in years via Yoti. The parent can then approve the consent form and sign back in to withdraw their consent at any time.

We want to help businesses to protect children, and that’s why we’re making Yoti parental consent free for early adopter businesses in 2018.
Yoti is easily integrated with your business’ website, on desktop and mobile. Use one of seven SDK programming languages to integrate in a matter of hours, or one of our available plugins to get set up in 15 minutes.