Yoti Gambling

Identity verification is simpler with Yoti - Yoti is currently available in over 126 app stores around the world and we accept over 160 passports, UK CitizenCard and 32 driving licences and 26 national identity cards.

  • Faster registration with fully verified details
  • Mobile customers register in less than 20 seconds (desktop in 25 seconds) with personal KYC details already verified by Yoti.
  • Age and AML compliance
  • Verified age and AML checks of customers from over 140 countries using government IDs and biometrics.
  • Prevents fraud and bonus abuse
  • Yoti uses multi-factor authentication instead of passwords to prevent bots, account takeovers and bonus abuse.
  • Save money, save customers
  • Lower net cost per acquisition in countries prone to high KYC database match failures.
  • Android and iOS app that’s free for your customers to download and use.

It takes less than one day to integrate into your current systems without the need for further technology upgrades - strengthening your compliance to evolving KYC and AML regulations.
Your business knows who it’s dealing with and your customers are happy with the time and money saved verifying their identity in seconds using their phone.

KYC in Seconds, 100% success rate.