Yoti Crypto

A secure and simple way to perform KYC and AML checks.

Cryptocurrency is a growing and ever increasingly more regulated market. With this comes the need to Know Your Customer (KYC). Yoti makes Identity Verification and CDD simple and secure for both your business and your customers.

We make identity verification simple by helping you perform instant identity checks on your customers with pre-verified details from over 170 countries. With our app solution, when a new customer comes to you, we have already verified that they are who they say they are, so you don't have to.

We can guarantee that the personal information shared with you from your users is correct, because every Yoti account combines a person’s unique biometric information (such as their face) with information provided from their government issued ID document (such as a Driving licence, Passport or ID card).

Using a combination of NIST approved, world leading facial recognition software and our highly skilled super recognisers, we pre-verify users once allowing them to instantly prove who they are, at the click of a button, with any organisation that has integrated a simple Yoti SDK (usually taking 2-4 hours to integrate).

Try it out below

To help you understand how Yoti can be used in your business, we have put together a demo site to showcase the user flow and just how quick it can be to sign up to use the Yoti service. To view this demo, please click the image below.