Yoti Bank

Imagine if you could complete a successful KYC check every time. Imagine if you could do it without forms, photocopies of ID documents or even needing staff checks. Well, with Yoti you can.

Yoti makes identity verification simple. We help financial services perform instant identity checks of customers with pre-verified details from over 160 countries. When a new customer comes to you, we have already verified that they are who they say they are, so you don't have to.

We can guarantee a successful KYC and AML check every time because every Yoti account combines a person's unique biometric information (like their facial features) with information taken from their government issued ID document (like a passport or driving licence).

Our team of highly skilled super recognisers then verify that both pieces of information match. A super recogniser is a person with an innate ability to recognise faces (typically scoring in the top 1-2% of facial recognition tests). It's an anti-spoofing measure that helps us, and financial services, to be certain that every Yoti account is created and controlled by the genuine owner.

Secure and user friendly authentication.

Yoti authentication doesn't just save businesses time and money, it's also a great deal easier for customers. Registering with and logging in to online accounts using the Yoti app is simple.

Help your customers register for your services in less than 20 seconds on mobile and less than 25 seconds on desktop.

Try out opening an online bank account

Give it a go yourself. This demo lets you open an online bank account or log in to one using Yoti.