Yoti Air

The future of travel is changing.

IATA predict a doubling of passenger numbers over the next 20 years and so travel as we know it today must evolve to match this growth. The challenge is in delivering a seamless passenger experience, whilst maximising airport capacities and preventing bad actors from crossing our borders.

Technology, in particular digital identities can facilitate this transformation. Here’s how Yoti can help.

Simplify your online booking experience.
Log-in to any site, pass your API and payment information with the tap of a button. Accurate, passport-derived information everytime with no username, password or web forms.

Seamless borders with biometrics
Create a single travel token before you arrive at the airport and experience a true end to end journey where your face is your passport. Reduced queues, quicker transaction times and an overall better travel experience.



Forget those travel concerns

Ever worried about your bag not arriving on the carousel? Well with Yoti tags you will not have to worry about your bag getting lost, your identity is embedded on the tag..

Ever lost your passport on holiday and spent lots of time and money at the embassy obtaining an emergency travel document? We are working hard to get Yoti recognised for this very thing. Watch this space…