Self Checkout

Putting the ‘self’ back into self-checkout

Age checks account for over 50% of all staff interventions at self-checkouts. So not only are ID checks a pain for customers, but they’re an inefficiency for supermarkets too.

Yoti has the perfect combination of solutions that can be easily integrated into self checkouts, attended checkouts and other hardware based ‘kiosks’. Yoti allows shoppers to buy alcohol (dependent on the local country laws) and other age-restricted items without the need for staff intervention to conduct proof of age checks.

Shoppers can prove their age in one of two ways (in addition to contacting a member of staff):.

1. Yoti Age Scan

Our pioneering age estimation technology uses the self-checkout’s inbuilt camera or an external camera to capture a photo of the shopper’s face and determine whether they are over the set age limit for the product(s) they are buying. Yoti Age Scan returns an accurate age estimation in 1–2 seconds, with no sign up process needed, and so dramatically reduces the time spent at checkouts.

2. Yoti app

Shoppers download the free Yoti app and create a secure digital identity. They combine their biometrics, like their unique facial features and the distances between them, with details taken from their government-issued ID document, like their passport or driving licence. Shoppers only have to register once, which takes around 5 minutes, and then they can use the Yoti app to scan an on-screen Yoti QR code at the self-checkout to instantly share their verified date of birth.

Secure, private proof of age

If you use Yoti Age Scan, we take a photo of your customer’s face to estimate their age. Once their age has been determined, their photo is permanently deleted. We designed Yoti Age Scan with user privacy and data minimisation in mind. It doesn’t require the customer to register in advance and they don’t have to share any personal details. No personal information is retained whatsoever.

If they use the Yoti app to prove their age, all they need to share with you is their verified date of birth and photo. No other personal details are shared. Any information added to the Yoti app is always in full control of the customer and can only be viewed or shared with the explicit consent of the customer. Yoti cannot see or access any personal information.

Unlimited age verifications with a simple annual charge per checkout

To keep things as simple and as easy as possible, our integrations to checkout service providers are free of charge, with no minimum volume, and a simple fee per checkout for unlimited age checks.

Check out the demo below