Dynamic Scenarios

Having a site with multiple user flows can become complicated and confusing for users.

If your website has the need for a variety of scenarios for different user flows which need adjusting for different situations you can simply tailor your integration with Yoti to manipulate what attributes you require from a user using our dynamic QR code.

Using the dynamic scenario SDK you can programmatically add or remove attributes as well as changing the callback URL. Within the dashboard all that is needed is an application and a scenario. These can be barebones whilst the finer details can be programmed in on your frontend and backend. This means that for each user flow you don’t need to return to the Yoti dashboard and create a new scenario or alter a preexisting one.

Yoti’s dynamic QR gives the user the opportunity to share the attributes that they would like to share. The users simply scans the QR codes and selects the attributes to be shared. Having out of date information on users costs business. Dynamic QR codes are a fantastic tool for updating verified user information in a simple, secure, and GDPR compliant way.

Try testing out a dynamic scenario

See the link below for a demo using dynamic scenarios and QR codes. This demo does not save your information in receipts. When using this demo make sure you abide by Yoti’s and your own privacy policies.